Sports for the Indoors

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Rainy days + dark skies + muddy grounds = weather that makes you feel sluggish and a bit blue. But you can shake off those blues and still keep fit with some of these interesting indoor sports that can be enjoyed whatever the climate.

  1. Table Tennis

This sport doesn’t really need an introduction. The classic indoor sport, also known as ping pong, is something that everyone can enjoy, from your younger sister to your grandfather. It’s been called the most popular racket sport in the world, and there’s even an International Table Tennis Federation. It’s easy to learn: all you need is a ball, a partner and a table – you’re good to go!

Table tennis can be found almost anywhere, from the country clubs to the homes of relatives. But if you’re thinking about playing seriously, you might want to check out the Table Tennis Association of the Philippines (TATAP). See their website for more:

  1. Futsal

Football fanatics can still enjoy rainy days with futsal, a modification of the original game. It’s fun, safe and cheap. It involves 2 teams made up of 5 players each, with one being the goalkeeper. This game is great for families as it can be played by men, women, adults and kids. Plus, it doesn’t take ages to score (unlike in real football/soccer).

There is no official place to play futsal in the Philippines, but the game can be played on different kinds of surfaces: basketball courts, warehouses, and your own living room (if it’s wide enough). Check the internet for official rules to the game, but feel free to modify it. Gather your family or friends, find a flat surface, and start playing!

  1. Ice Skating

In a tropical country like ours, ice skating is a treat. The feel of gliding on frozen water is something better experienced than described. Ice skating can be enjoyed with your family and/or a partner. But if you just want to spend some time alone cruising along the rink, that’s fine too.

Most SM Malls have ice skating rinks, but one to check out is the ice skating rink at MOA. Aside from offering open skating, they also have formal lessons and birthday packages available.

  1. Yoga

If you’re looking for something quiet and contemplative (yet still fitness-oriented) to do on a rainy afternoon, then yoga is your best bet. Yoga is not just a physical, but mental discipline. You can do it for increased flexibility and overall physical health, and to learn how to meditate.

There are many types of yoga, and almost every gym offers a variation of it. Find out about Bikram yoga here:

  1. Badminton

A sport that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It’s fairly accessible, and badminton offers a complete full-body workout. Plus, it doesn’t cost much to play, unlike its sister sport variation is speed badminton, which is played without a net.

There are numerous badminton courts across the Philippines, from Bukidnon to Muntinlupa. Check the internet for the closest badminton court near you!

  1. Laser Tag

For those who’ve seen the TV Series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you know what I’m talking about. Thank Barney Stinson for making this relic of the 70s cool again. Laser tag can be played in numerous ways, but the most common is for players to score points by ‘tagging’ a target (usually another player) with an infrared emitting ‘laser gun’. Players wear infrared-sensitive targets, such as a vest. When the target on the vest is shot, the player is out of the game. Laser tag is less painful and less messy compared to paintball, but just as fun.

Where to play:

Lazer Xtreme (Laser Extreme) Alabang 2nd Floor Cinema Lane, Alabang Town Center (ATC), Muntinlupa City Located Above NorthPark and Tempura Tel. (02) 856 64 67


  1. Krav Maga

A hand to hand combat system that makes use of street fighting techniques, Krav Maga is not exactly a sport, but offers the best that sports can, such physical fitness and mental awareness. Plus, you can learn a set of self-defense skills used by one of the most hardcore military force in the world, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Perfect for women who often go home late, or on their own, especially on rainy nights.

Check out this article for more on where to find official Krav Maga classes and schedules:


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