Mich Alagao is a freelance writer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She has been writing since 2008. She has written articles on culture, arts, lifestyle, humanitarian and development work and other topics for magazines and websites.

She worked as an Online Writing Tutor and Program Manager for over six years at a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company in Muntinlupa and reviewed papers from students in Australia and the US. She was the National Media and Communications Manager for a global anti-slavery organization that focuses on human rights and law enforcement; in the Philippines, it works for the protection and rescue of women and children caught in sex trafficking and online child sexual exploitation. She also worked as a Reporting Officer for an international humanitarian organization that provides protection and assistance to victims of armed conflict and violence.

Mich has a B.S. in Criminology and Psychology (Joint Degree) with Honours from the London Metropolitan University and a Master’s in Fine Arts – Creative Writing from the De La Salle University, Manila.

She also writes poetry and her poems have been published in various anthologies such as At Home in Unhomeliness: An Anthology of Philippine Postcolonial Poetry (2007) and Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz (2014). She has been published under the following names: Mich Alagao, Michellan Alagao, Mich Sarile-Alagao,  and Michellan Sarile.

Mich is currently accepting writing assignments from the Philippines and abroad. You can get in touch with her through email at michellanatgmaildotcom or via the Contact page.